The Politician

Tis almost the end of a term

And the people are busy engrossed in their farms

Not knowing what next after today

Because abandoned they have been in way

Everyone is hoping for a good meal

When in cometh his Honour again to steal

Can you see the dust afar?

That is his Honour – our representative

I can see his car coming by

Making the dust fly away

“His Honour  is here, can you please

Find him a shade for him to ease”

The next day a meeting is summoned

“I’ll build you schools, hospitals and dams…”

On and on he goes

The people are calm as they wait for his Honour to finish his speech

And as if with one mind the people shout

“This one should step down we want change!”

The politician drives away

Down trodden as he sways

These are not the same people of before

This is not the same village he knew

That he had fooled and bribed

Change is their stand for now

He must work to find some new way

Of  blinding their open eyes.



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