The Temptress Of The Night.

I eagerly await the darkness,

the, siren-demon who will creep

into my shadowed chamber

to seductively invade my sleep.

Her raven locks cascading,

her skin pale white, pristeen,

her lips so warm, persuading

me to seep into the dream,

submit to her evil passions

allow her to sap my strength.

Each morn upon arising, knowing

I’ll go to absolutely any length

to return to her in the evening,

willingly sink to any depth.

allow her permission to rob me

of my power, even of my breath.

Each day I become weaker,

it becomes harder to resist,

soon I know she’ll suck me in

with one final farewell kiss.

Her mission then accomplished,

her job done so very well,

she’ll just move on to another

while my soul resides in Hell.


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