A Letter To My 12 Year Old Self

Dear 12 Year Old Me,

It’s 2007 . You’ve just completed you junior school with none other than your  class 2 friend Patrick. Somehow you both did all the class 8 work last year, so you spend most of your final year of primary school unsupervised in a back room, flirting with that beautiful stranger girl who just joined your class, Mercy.

You have somehow risen to a mild level of popularity, yet ‘coolness’ continues to evade you.  You are Prime Minister in Class Parliament, but you’re cheated out of the lead drummer in the school musical.

You have pimples and your face isn’t the best around. You’ll spend your whole life feeling you’re a little older than you are.

But today, little 12 Year Old Me, is the last primary school assembly you’ll ever attend. Afterwards, Mr Alfonce will tell you to “…come back and see me when you’re a famous doctor.” He may have kicked you out of  class a few times but you were a noise maker. unfortunately he won’t live long enough to see you become a doctor.

My dear little mildly popular, early developed, ambitious, un-cool 12 Year Old Me! Stop chasing that girl Mercy, i saw her yesterday she has a kid and is pregnant with another and they aren’t yours.

so many things will happen in high school. You will meet a fellow by the name Aaron and he will be your best friend for five years . avoid people named Kennedy and Steven they are trouble and will get you suspended. high school romance will really get to you though you will never meet any of those girls from St. Anne’s after high school unless you be attending THE BUNNY HOLE, i heard Claire works there as a stripper.

Don’t be too hard on yourself everything will be okay in life except for romance so you better start working on your social skills


Kind Regards,

Your Hopelessly Romantic Yet Very Single 18 Year Old Self


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