It came without a warning,
one beautiful breezy sunny morning.
It seemed a day like any other,
no reason for anyone to bother.
Children went to school and parents to
their work,
and right around the corner, no one
knew what lurked.
The horror came in quick,
like a window smashed with a brick.
It spread rapidly like a disease,
causing all other activities to cease.
Everything started moving in slow
while people tried to make sense of
the commotion.
The wind no longer blew,
and birds no longer flew.
Except for one white bird which I did
see fly,
it flew so slow I felt I could take it
from the sky.
An eerie silence made its way,
announcing it was here to stay,
While four demons, flying high in the
sought to destroy the living and make
the ground bare.
A darkness fell upon the land,
snatching helpless souls with its
Above the earth it came to hover,
laying down a death blanket for all to
That white bird flies repeatedly in my
mind; I can still see it,
but it’s the pure eeriness of it all that
makes me fear it.
Multitudes of lives were taken on that
why it happened, only God can truly
Now there is no need for any kind of
No matter how this story is told, there
can be no exaggeration.
The time has come for us to
rise up and take a stand,
stare evil in the eye and say you will
not destroy my heart, my soul, my
The answer cannot be hate,
for that will only seal our fate.
The answer is trying to discover,
how we can help heal each other.
That’s the day the earth stood still—
now what will you do with what you


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