She tells me as I open my eyes

Pupils tiny, my mouth falls wide

How beautiful, she’ll always care

I’m captivated by her loving stare


The beginning is now


The sculptures hands start to mould

Like a piece of Blu-Tac rolled

In her palms during maths class when she didn’t used to understand

Her best efforts will go into paving my time in this land


She tells me, while for the first time my feet walk on their own

That she’ll always assist me from this point on

Show me the ways of the world and the road I’ve to choose

And share her secrets to allow me to follow in her shoes

And when I’m old enough she’ll teach me to tie mine in a bow

So when I leave school on the first day I will have a big badge that says “I can tie my shoes” on show


She tells me every morning to get up, eat breakfast, shower and put on my clothes in order to be in class by nine

She’ll walk me there day in and day out to make sure I arrive on time

Even though at the age of six I would protest and say I was going there alone

She would still be at the gates to collect me, take me by the hand and walk me all the way home


She tells me to choose the friends I spend time with all though she loves them all just the same

Welcoming each and every one of them into her home and addressing them by their name

She will feed them and clothe them acting like they are all her own creation

Leaving the doors to her world wide, with an open invitation


She tells me no matter what I do or say

She’ll wear my team colours and support my team while I play

Standing on the sidelines for every exam or mountain I scale

Cheering my name and reminding me never to give up when I fail


She tells me but this time I tell her back

I have no time for her wisdom, her ideas, her help, her support, I’m choosing my own track

I don’t want educated and have no time to hear

I’ve now been on this earth for at least 15 years

I’m old enough now to decide for myself

So she can put her absurd ideas and logics back on the shelf


She tells me but this time I don’t tell her back, I don’t listen at all

I’m willing to pick myself back up when I’m down or I fall

I don’t need her advice or anyones at that

Instead of embracing the knowledge it’s easier just to turn my back

So I walk away disregarding the sadness I have left behind

In search of my happiness which I am sure I will find


She tells me again and again and again and once more

But I’ve blocked it out now and I’ve closed off that door

I’m carving a path the one which I feel is right

And slowly all I have learnt is fading out of sight

The road I have taken contains very little from start to end

Except, no learning, no work and very little friends



She tells me and she tells me and she tells me and she tells

Day after day, month after month and year after year

Whither it is through boredom or guilt or just to shut off her voice I eventually start to hear

My head slowly starts to lift and my road starts to widen

The dark clouds start to vanish and I’m heading towards the horizon


She tells me and I listen. I remember that’s what I always had done

Until something took over and blocked out the sun

But now my ears are wide open and my thoughts running clear

And the vehicle of life is beginning to steer

Itself in the right direction towards the right destination

Eventually ending up in my chosen location


She tells me, she told me and I can thank her enough

She knew from day one to always encourage and love

Even when falling on empty ears

She would still stand up and tell me loud and clear

I’ve made many mistakes and I’ll make many others

But not with out the help of she

She being my mother.


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