DeAtH — the lifeline

I watched now unable to move, as the sight unfolded almost in a slow motion.,, one moment he was being rehydrated and the next he was not responding.He was rushed into the infamous RRA . Bell rings. The resuscitation bell. We all rushed into RRA ready to see magic happening. via DeAtH — the lifeline

Sweet Night

Originally posted on Lou Barnicol:
Sweet night Hanging like a heavy cloak on my tired soul You take me back to forgotten places Where strength used to be draped in tenderness And time quietly lifted Sweet night I used to see my mother weep at the sight of beauty You let me weep on bathroom…

Blessing & Curse

I was gone long ago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today is not a day Tomorrow leaves a shadow Of yesterday’s respite ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forever is never mentioned in the freedom of Now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Worlds are torn apart in the blink of an Eye ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Measurements are irrelevant No ruler is required ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time is subjective Internally projected ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mass… Read More Blessing & Curse